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A Conversation I Just Had: (Mildly exagerated!)

In the living room.

Anastasia: Dylan. Do you want to go for a walk. 

From the bedroom.

Dylan: No.

Ana: Please come with me. It’s so nice out, I want to take photos. 

No response from the other room.

Ana: Dylan?

Dylan: I don’t want to.

Ana: Come on!

Dylan: Ugh, but Roran has just been given orders by the Narsuda, leader of the Varden to take over the seige in Arroughs, and Eragon is moving north to Dras-Leona! These are key plot points!!!

Ana: Who ARE you?

Dylan is quite a moment realizing he is no longer fourteen. 

Dylan: Let me get my scarf.

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  1. wonderlustandwanderlost said: Ah! I love this so much!!!!(: the book was amazing!!!!
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